Javier R. - Javier's hand was caught in a saw at work and he lost fingers.  His employer did not have workers' compensation insurance, so Javier and his family were left with all the bills and a permanent amputation. 

Javier had medical bills of $18,000 and lost wages of $41,000.  Rachel Ambler negotiated a settlement of $261,000.50.

Word cannot express how satisfied me and my family are!  We contacted the law firm after i suffered a work related accident.  Rachel took my case.  She was extremely helpful throughout the entire process.  I was always informed of everything that was happening with my case and any questions I had were answered in a timely manner.  Rachel was able to settle my case out of court which I was glad.  Would definitely recommend Rachel to anyone who is in need of an attorney!  Thank God he put Rachel in my path!

- Javier (Jan. 23, 2017)

W.A. - W.A. was 25 years old when he stopped behind traffic at a red light in Pecos, Texas.  The driver behind him was towing a trailer full of oilfield pipe and never stopped.  The defendant driver literally drove right on top of W.A.  Miraculously, W.A. survived with a minor brain injury.


Rachel Ambler negotiated a pre-trial settlement of $3,000,000.00.

Date of Injury: July 27, 2018

Date of Settlement:  2021

18-7-27 - Scene 2.jpg

B.M. - On New Year's Eve, 21 year old B.M. was driving his truck and towing a trailer back to Midland with his coworkers when a truck ran a stop sign right in front of him.  The other driver only had a $30,000 policy.  B.M.'s medical bills were over $28,000 when the Defendant driver's insurance company refused to offer the policy limits.  B.M. sued.  The surgeon said he needed back surgery, but wanted him to wait as long as possible since B.M. was so young.  By the time he was 24, B.M. was having bladder incontinence issues, extreme back pain, and scheduled spinal fusion surgery. 

Rachel Ambler negotiated a settlement of $765,000.00.

Date of Injury: December 31, 2016

Date of Settlement: 2021

E.G. - E.G. was 26 years old and managed two crews for his employer.  As he was driving between locations, he came around a blind curve in a 35 mph zone.   A driver coming the other direction decided to pass a pickup and two 18-wheelers, in a no-passing zone, at 72 mph.  E.G. had less than 2 seconds before he was hit head-on.  E.G. spent a month in hospital.  In less than 2 years, he had 5 surgeries on his knee and ankle.  He had $159,376 in medical bills.


Rachel Ambler negotiated a settlement of $4,400,000.00.

Date of Injury: July 3, 2018

Date of Settlement: 2020


O.L. - O.L. was driving his empty crude tanker on I-20 in Odessa, when another trucker rear-ended him at high speed.  O.L. suffered a debilitating low back injury and underwent injections and ablations, and is facing a multi-level fusion.  His workers' compensation lien for medical bills and lost wages was just over $66,000.00.

Rachel Ambler negotiated a settlement of $3,150,000.00.

Date of Injury: Confidential

Date of Settlement: 2020

M.F. and passenger - M.F. and his passenger had gone out to bid on a tile installation job.  As they headed back to Odessa on Highway 285, they were rear-ended by a man driving his company work truck.  The impact caused their Jeep to flip 1 1/2 times.  M.F.'s neck was snapped, but he survived 3 days.  His passenger suffered severe injuries such that he will never be able to work again.

    The man who hit them had an extensive criminal history for drugs and DWIs, that his employer knew about.  His employer also knew the man did not have a license to drive at the time of the wreck or when it gave him the keys to its truck.


Rachel Ambler negotiated a settlement of $3,000,000.00 for M.F.'s family and a total $6,000,000.00 for the combined case.

Date of Injury/Death: 2018

Date of Settlement:  2020


M.P. - M.P. tripped on a floor mat and fell as she left a store.  When she fell, she broke her shoulder.  While she was recovering with her arm in a sling, she tore her rotator cuff in the other shoulder.  The rotator cuff tear had to be repaired surgically.


M.P. had less than $9,700 in medical bills.  Rachel Ambler negotiated a settlement of $125,000.00.

Date of Injury: June 8, 2017

Date of Settlement: 2020

N.E - N.E. was almost 15 years old when she took the family pickup to the store.  As she was pulling out to go home, a drunk driver ran a stop sign and t-boned her.  N.E. suffered a large gash on her forehead, but luckily no major injuries.  Her total medical bills were $2,177.


Rachel Ambler negotiated a pre-trial settlement of $125,000.00.

Date of Injury: November 11, 2017

Date of Settlement:  2020


G.P. and Family were driving down 1788, heading to the DPS office near the Midland-Odessa airport, when they were rear-ended by an 18-wheeler.  The family's angels were watching over them because no one was critically injured, no broken bones, and no one needed surgery.  Between the 2 adults and 2 children, they had $28,888.00 in combined medical bills.


Rachel Ambler negotiated a combined settlement of $320,000.00.

Date of Injury: Confidential

Date of Settlement: 2020

S.W. - S.W. was a commercial truck driver who was permanently injured when a pickup towing a trailer made an illegal u-turn right in front of his 18-wheeler.  S.W. was represented by an attorney from Houston who called on Rachel Ambler to join him as local counsel.


With Rachel Ambler's help, the case settled before trial for more than $2,400,000.00.

Date of Injury: Confidential

Date of Settlement:  2019

A.S. - A.S. was driving on the highway in West Texas when the driver of the car in the lane next to her lost control of her vehicle.  A.S. was critically injured.  Her injuries included multiple facial fractures, fractures of her lumbar and cervical spine, broken leg, a dislocated knee, facial lacerations, and a traumatic brain injury.  She was forced to suffer several surgeries. 


A.S. had almost a million dollar in medical bills alone.  With Rachel Ambler's help, A.S. received a settlement of $3,524,500.00.

Date of Injury: Confidential

Date of Settlement: 2017

Gonzalez Family - The Gonzalez family lost their father when he was killed in a wreck on I-20.  A truck coming the opposite direction crossed the median and hit their father head-on.  Their father died almost instantly.


With Rachel Ambler's help, the family was able to settle their lawsuit before trial for $1,125,750.00.

Date of Injury: Confidential

Date of Settlement:  2017

Rosalia S. - On April 12, 2017, as Rosalia slowed to make a turn from Highway 349, Clemence, who was on a motorcycle, hit her from behind.  Clemence was arrested for DWI at the scene. Rosalia had $4,273 in past medical bills.  State Farm, Clemence's insurance company, offered $5,300 to settle before Ms. Ambler filed suit.


Rosalia Lopez Mendoza v. Jerrett Russell Clemence, Cause CV54085, in the 441st District Court of Midland County

​    Date of Injury: April 12, 2017

    Date of Trial: March 9, 2018

Bench verdict:  100% liability on Defendant: Awarded Rosalia $230,473

Richard H. - Richard was driving a tractor-trailer that had been poorly maintained by his employer.  He had never driven that particular tractor-trailer before that fateful day.  8 of the 10 sets of brakes were not working properly.  As Richard took a curve, he was unable to maintain control and the rig went off the road and overturned.  Richard was horribly injured with many broken bones and a massive brain injury.  Richard underwent many surgeries.  But, finally, after suffering for months, he died from his injuries.  To make matters worse, his employer went out of business while his case went on.  Richard's family sued his employer for gross negligence and wrongful death under Texas Workers' Compensation statutes.


Rachel Ambler negotiated a settlement of $650,000.00.

Date of Injury: 9-30-2012

Date of  Settlement:  12-8-2017

Joseph K. - On June 28, 2014, Joseph was heading East on Yukon Drive in Odessa.  He had a green light as he went through the intersection at US-385/Andrews Highway.  Clifford Morgan, a Gardendale volunteer firefighter, driving his personal vehicle, ran a red light and t-boned Joseph.  Both pick-up trucks were totaled.  Witnesses testified Morgan did not stop or even slow down.  Joseph had $4,141.76 in medical bills.


Joseph Knighten v. Gardendale Volunteer Fire Department, Cause D-16-04-0382-CV, in the 358th District Court of Ector County

​    Date of Injury: June 28, 2014

    Date of Trial: July 31-August 1, 2018

Jury verdict:  75% liability on Defendant, 25% liability on Plaintiff

Awarded Plaintiff $40,500 (including costs)


Carlos L. &  Ansel T. - On March 10, 2015, Carlos was driving on FM 652 in Loving County, Texas, when he encountered large pot holes in the roadway that caused him to go off the road, travel through the ditch, and hit a barb wire fence.  Minutes later, a septic truck driven by Ansel hit the same pot holes.  The pot holes caused Ansel to lose control of his truck, sent him into a side skid, and then his truck rolled over.  Ansel’s  truck slammed into Carlos's truck.

Carlos broke his ankle and had to undergo surgery to repair it.  Ansel suffered bruises and soft injuries.  There was no settlement offer pre-trial.

Lara, Thompson v. Texas Dep't of Transportation, Cause 17-02-21857-CVR, in the 143d District Court of Reeves County

Date of Injury: March 10, 2015

Date of Trial: March 8-10, 2017

Jury verdict:  Carlos $175,000, Ansel $50,000

Maria S. - At 4 am on August 10, 2014, a drunk driver crashed into Maria's bedroom.  She was pinned between the bumper of the drunk's pickup truck and her own bedroom wall.  EMS as to crawl over the pickup truck, break through her wall, and lift her up and over to rescue her.  She had two broken ribs, a broken ankle, and herniated disks in her back.

The drunk driver's insurance paid his policy limits within 2 months.  However, Maria's medical bills were substantially higher.  Maria had purchased Underinsured Motorist Insurance (UIM) through Allstate, so she filed a claim.  For almost 4 years, we fought with Allstate.  Pre-trial settlement offer was $15,000.00.

Maria D. Soto v. Allstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Co., Cause CC18679, in the County Court at Law #2 of Midland County

​Date of Injury: August 10, 2014

Date of Trial: April 25-26, 2018

Jury verdict:  Maria $108,088.21

Olivia T. -  Olivia and her boyfriend were heading to dinner when a pickup ran a red light on University Boulevard in Odessa and slammed into Olivia's little car.  Olivia was knocked unconscious.  She had neck and low back, and hip pain.  She also suffered post-concussive phenomena.  Her doctors have recommended back surgery, which she intends to do now that she can afford to take time off of work for surgery and recovery.

Olivia had almost $40,000 in medical bills.  Rachel Ambler negotiated a total settlement of $121,000.

Date of Injury: 4-10-2015

Date of  Settlement:  10-26-2017

Lena T. - Lena was stopped at a red light when a driver struck her from behind.  She injured her back, neck, and wrists.  She had to have surgery on her elbow and her wrist.

Lena had about $30,000 in medical bills.  Rachel Ambler negotiated a settlement of $100,000.

Date of Injury: 10-20-2014

Date of  Settlement:  10-10-2017

J.M. -  J.M. was driving her mail truck when a car pulled out of a parking lot and t-boned her.  She suffered headaches, back pain, and neck pain.  She went for 2 months of physical therapy.

J.M. had $2,000 in medical bills and $1,900 in lost wages.  Rachel Ambler negotiated a settlement of $15,000.

Date of Injury: 4-4-2015

Date of  Settlement:  10-23-2017


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