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Oilfield injuries happen every day in the West Texas, Midland-Odessa, and Permian Basin.  Fortunately, the first responders are specially trained to help injured oil and gas workers.  But, the injuries are often painful and can be life-altering.  The help of an attorney based in Midland-Odessa can get assistance to you and your family right away, working to get you the best medical care, documenting your injuries, and securing the accident scene before critical evidence gets "lost."

The Permian Basin, stretching across West Texas and into New Mexico, is one of the largest oil and gas producing regions in the world.  The area produces 5 billion cubic feet of gas per day, plus 1.3 million barrels of oil per day.  For the men and women who work in the oilfields, gas processing plants, and related industries, it can be very lucrative. 


It is also very dangerous.  With speed bonuses, long hours, harsh weather, and a hard, physical job, it's no surprise oil and gas workers get hurt.  Over the 5-year period from 2007 to 2011, there were 529 fatal injuries in the oil and gas industries, with the highest number dying in Texas.  In 2011, the last year the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has published data, there were an estimated 1,400 nonfatal injuries and illnesses in oil and gas extraction and about 8,500 nonfatal injuries and illnesses in activities supporting oil and gas extraction.

And, those numbers do not count the deaths and injuries from trucking accidents involving oil and gas transportation.

Any way you look at it, working in the oil and gas industry is dangerous.  Common injuries in the industry include things like:

  • Crushing injuries

  • H2S injuries and deaths

  • Hearing loss

  • Blindness and vision loss

  • Traumatic head & brain injuries

  • Broken bones

  • Amputations

  • Permanent disfigurement

  • Comas

  • Paralysis

  • Death

Have you or a loved one been hurt or, worse, killed, working in the oil and gas industry?


AmblerLaw is ready to fight for you.  We know how to protect oil and gas industry and service employees who were hurt in accidents related to their jobs.  The oil and gas companies have lots of lawyers and big insurance companies to protect them if you get hurt.  You need someone to protect your and your family's interests.


AmblerLaw knows the oilfield and oil service industries.  Rachel Ambler knows the operations, who does what, who reports to whom.  She knows how to figure out what went wrong, what experts to call, who's to blame, and how to fight for you. 


Understanding the oilfield is critical, and folks from outside, well, sometimes they just don't get it.  Ask him what a Kelly is and he might tell you it was the gal at the front desk of his hotel.  Rachel Ambler has been in Midland/Odessa since 2001.  She knows it.  She gets it.  She's been called a "pitbull in the courtroom," because she won't stop fighting for you.  When you've been hurt in the oilfield, that's exactly what you want.  Call AmblerLaw today.

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